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  • Mr Ryszard ZARUDZKI - Under Secretary of State of the Minister of agriculture, Poland


  • Mr Ryszard KOZIOLEK, ProRector University of  Silésia


  • Dr. Deborah BOSSIO, Lead Scientist of The Nature Conservancy



  • Dr. Ibrahim MAYAKI - President of the 4p1000 Initiative


  • Mr Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food of France


  • Mr Samir TAÏEB, Minister Agriculture, Ressources Hydrauliques et Pêche of Tunisia


  • Mr Luis Maria URRIZA, Under-Secretary for Agriculture of the Secrétariat of State for the Agro-Industry of Argentina



  • Mrs Naoko ISHII, CEO GEF


  • Dr. Jean-Luc Chotte - UNCCD SPI


  •  Mr Martien VAN NIEUWKOOP, Director Agriculture Global Practice of World Bank 


  • Mrs Jenny KIM, Global Green Growth Institute



  • Mr Sandeep SENGUPTA, General Coordinator Climate Change - UICN


  • Mr Michel EDDI, President Managing Director of Cirad



  • Mrs Maria-José MARQUES, member of the Steering Committee of DesertNet International 


  • Mrs Jennifer CHANG, Vice-President of IFOAM-Organics International



  • Mr Ricardo RALISCH, Founding Member of GCAN



  • Mr Bernard GIRAUD, President Fonds Livelihoods


  • Mr Ashish DOMAH, Director SDG Company


  • Mr Eric SOUBEIRAN, Global Nature, Human Rights & Water Cycle Director  - Danone


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