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Tentative agenda 


8.00 – 8.30:  Registration, poster exhibition & welcome coffee

Opening of the Forum with a High Level Segment (8:30 to 11:00)

Welcome address by Mr Ryszard ZARUDZKI - Under Secretary of State of the Minister of agriculture, Poland ; Mr Ryszard KOZIOLEK, ProRector University of  Silésia and Dr. Ibrahim MAYAKI - President of the Forum (15 min)

Inspirational speech by Dr. Deborah BOSSIO, Lead Scientist of The Nature Conservancy (20 min)

Speaking by the Officials 

- Mr Michael CREED, Irish Minister of Agriculture (TBC)
- Mr Samir TAÏEB, Minister Agriculture, Ressources Hydrauliques et Pêche of Tunisia
- Mr Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food of France (video)
- Mr Luis Maria URRIZA, Under-Secretary for Agriculture of the Secrétariat of State for the Agro-Industry of Argentina
- Mrs Naoko ISHII, CEO GEF
- Mrs Maria Helena SEMEDO, Deputy-Director General of FAO
Mr Barron ORR, Lead Scientist UNCCD 
Mr Martien VAN NIEUWKOOP, Director Agriculture Global Practice of World Bank 
- MrsJenny KIM, from Global Green Growth Institute
- Mr Sandeep SENGUPTA, General Coordinator Climate Change - UICN
- Mr Michel EDDI, President Managing Director of Cirad
- Mrs Maria-José MARQUES, member of the Steering Committee of DesertNet International 
- Mrs Jennifer CHANG, Vice-President of IFOAM-Organics International
- Mr Ricardo RALISCH, Founding Member of GCAN
- Mr Oscar SIMENTO, President of Agroforestry Association of Kenya
- Mr Bernard GIRAUD, President Fonds Livelihoods
- Mr Ashish DOMAH, Director SDG Company
- Mr Eric SOUBEIRAN, Global Nature, Human Rights & Water Cycle Director  - Danone

Coffee break - poster session (11:00 to 11:15)

Meeting of the Forum (11:15 to 16:15)

  • Adoption of the agenda (5 min)
  • Approval of the report of the Forum n°2 – Bonn 16 November 2017 (10 min)
  • Annual activity report 2017 & 2018 (20 min)
  • Activity report of the Scientific and Technical Committee (25 min)
  • CIRCASA progress report with 1st survey results (5 min)
  • Presentation of the winners of the 2018 Future Policy Awards «Agroecology» by Mr Rob van RIET, Climate Director of the World Future Council (5 mn)
  • Presentation of the film on the Initiative «4 per 1000» by Kiss the Ground (5 min)
  • Thematic Workshops (90 min parallel sessions):
    1. Soil organic carbon good management practices: innovation and scaling up
      with presentations from Julien Demenois (CIRAD, Climate KIC) and a representative from Fazenda Da Toca and Rizoma, Brasil
    2. Monitoring and Reporting of soil organic carbon for climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits at multiple levels
      with presentations from Tim Tennigkeit (UNIQUE forestry and land use) and Eleanor Milne (Carbon Benefits Project)
    3. Management of organic matter in an urban context and its link with rural areas
      with presentations from Cornelia Rumpel (4 per 1000 Scientific and Technical Committee) and Benoît Salsac (WORMS a.b.s.l, Brussels)
    4. Involvement of the private sector in the storage of soil organic carbon and offsetting emissions
      with presentations from Eric Soubeiran (DANONE) and Marion Verles (Gold Standard)

Lunch break -  poster session (14:00 to 15:00)

  • Synthesis and Conclusions of the workshops (48 min)
  • Conclusion of the Forum by Mr Stéphane Le Foll (10 min)

16.15 - 16.30: coffee-break / poster session


16.30 - 18.30: CONSORTIUM

 Points * for decision. Each topic will be submitted for discussion before a decision is taken and the corresponding document will be posted on this website and available for registered participant.

Opening of the meeting by M. Le Foll, Vice-Président

  • Adoption of the agenda * (5 min)
  • Approval of the report of the Consortium n°3 – Bonn 16 November 2017 * (5 min)
  • General matters(16:40 to 17:00)
    • Welcome to new Partners and Members *
    • Approval of the Activity Report 2017-2018 *
    • Mandate of the President and Vice-President for 2019 and 2020 *
    • Proposal to set up a “Bureau” to prepare specific decisions between two Consortium meetings *
  • Proposals of the Scientific and Technical Committee (17:00 to 17:20)
    • Extension of the mandate term of current members and replacement of one outgoing member *
    • Various proposals to be included in the 2019 roadmap 
  • Work programme for 2019: roadmap and budget(17:20 to 18:10)
    • Approval of the Roadmap for 2019 *
    • Meetings of the Initiative (Forum, Consortium & STC) in 2019 & COP25 *
    • Financial and human resources matters (including information about the Executive Secretariat and its composition) - Adoption of the Budget *Funding of projects by partners and own funding possibilities "4 per 1000" *
  • Presentations for information (18:10 to 18:25)
    • Report of the Symposium "4 per 1000" in Africa - Johannesburg (South Africa) 24 to 26 October by Dr Viridiana ALCÁNTARA CERVANTES and Ms Precious PHIRI - perspectives for the organization of regional meetings in 2019 (Asia, Latin America, Mediterranean, etc ...)
    • Report on international scientific meetings (Rice World Congress, IUSS World Soil Congress, GRA/FACCE-JI, etc.) by members of the Scientific and Technical Committee

Conclusion of the Consortium by M. Le Foll, Vice-Président

18.30 - 19h30: Cocktail

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